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Redesign Flightlog

It has been three years since we last redesigned Flightlog. The application is still solid, but the introducing website could use a refresh. So here it is our design concept for the 7th iteration of Flightlog.


Run Elgato Stream Deck as administrator in Windows 10

I love my Elgato Stream Deck, I use it for photo- and audio editing, and also for coding with Visual Studio. This is where the trouble starts. As I need to run Visual Studio 2019 with Admin privileges, to give IISExpress access to port 80, I discovered Stream Deck was not translating the key actions. The solution is not that easy as selecting a checkbox in for instance a desktop shortcut. In this article I describe the actions needed to fix the issue.


Selections Vinyl Classics

My first house classic mix, release in 2013, was a big succes. So a sequel was long overdue. 7 years later my new classic mix Vinyl Classics is released. As you might expect, all classics digitally recorded from vinyl. This time music by the likes of: Pancake, Remy & Sven, Dimitri and Jaimy, 2 Guys, Transformer 2, René et Gaston, G.O.D. Format #1, Warp 69 and many more.


Skylark Clock

The QlockTwo is a beautiful, but very expensive design idea by Biegert & Funk. The ideal behind the clock is not that hard. Put all possible text variations in a square of “random” letters to display the actual time. This hobby project started with the idea that it should not be that difficult to create as a browser based clock or screensaver.


Introducing KLMs first Dreamliner

As part of KLM’s fleet renewal program, its first Boeing 787-9 touched down at it’s home base Amsterdam Schiphol in The Netherlands on November 14, 2015. Just a week later, on Sunday 22, we were able to fly the first ever passenger flight. 21 Dreamliners -9 and -10 will join the KLM in the coming years.


Japan Self Defense Force E-book

Japan Self Defense Force, Air Components if a coffee table photo book covering the air components of the Japanese Defense Force. 78 pages with 52 full spread photo’s, with stunning photo’s of the F-15, F-4, F-2, YS-11, C-1, OH-1, US-1 and many, many more.